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After CEO was established in 1967 by Roger X. O'Meyer, Paul Brender began publication of a "News Bulletin", which provided concise and episodic accounts of the College's scientific meetings.

From 1980 up until 2002, two successive publishers, André Horn and Alain Decker put out the "Edgewise Journal", half-yearly releases in black and white and in reduced format in the early stages, later evolving into larger format, colour publications.

In 2003, under the chairmanship of Joseph Giordanetto, the publication "International Orthodontics" emerged. This title, property of the CEO, became a quarterly review in both French and English. Through the good graces or our editor Elsevier-Masson, the review was indexed in ScienceDIrect from its emergence and in Medline as from 2008.

Our review has taken on an international dimension—through recent changes, the force of our publisher, the work of the contributing authors, the quality and iconography of the articles and the diversity and serious nature of the subjects addressed—in terms of effectively communicating orthodontics concepts CEO is founded on.

Longevity of the publication was assured by the successive Chairs of the College, who are automatically Directors of Publications.





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