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Following the establishment of the European College of Orthodontics (CEO) in 1967 by Roger O'Meyer and with Paul Brender, a "News Bulletin", regular summary report of the College's scientific meetings was published.

It was replaced over 20 years ago by the « Journal de l’Edgewise » under the editorship of André Horn and Alain Decker successively. In 2003, driven by Joseph Giordanetto, the journal became officially bilingual and was renamed "International Orthodontics". From that day, it was indexed on ScienceDirect and then on Medline from 2008, thanks to the publisher Elsevier-Masson and the great involvement of the editor in chief Jean-Pierre Ortial.

In 2018, it is with great honour that I took the responsibility of the redaction. In response to the steady increase in the distribution of the journal and in the number of articles from all over the world, the model of the journal is changing in 2019 for an « only English » format and an online submission system for the authors. This inevitable change also supports the legitimate need to increase our impact factor.

We would like to thank the authors for their scientific contribution of the highest quality. With the editorial board, we will ensure, while encouraging research and innovation, that the clinical and ethical dimensions of the publications are maintained, as they are a pillar of the European College of Orthodontics.

Laure Frapier



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