François Darqué

The CEO is an organization that currently brings together over 460 active members in France, as well as Andorra, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Luxemburg, Morocco, Portugal, Romania, Syria, and Tunisia.

It is an organization of qualified specialists in Dentofacial Orthopaedics made up of several member categories: student members in course of qualification (CECSMO), affiliate members, accredited members, associate members, and honorary members.


Our missions are:


  • To promote excellence in orthodontics
  • To act as a catalyst for our members for continuing education, and moreover, for all health professionals interested in technological, scientific and clinical advances
  • To accompany and facilitate professional integration for students of orthodontics (CECSMO)

Actions of the CEO:

  • Spring congress
  • CEO day in fall or winter
  • Continuing education
  • Participation in the"Journées de l’Orthodontie"
  • Organization of the annual O ’Meyer prize, which honours the thesis of a CECSMO student
  • Creation of the acclaimed publication "International Orthodontics", indexed in Medline

To defend its values and the singular position of specialist practitioners, the CEO headquarters are located within the FFO (French Federation of Orthodontics) which unites the ensemble of orthodontics societies.

François DARQUÉ