Becoming permanent members

Affiliated members of 7 years are eligible for consideration. The member must submit five well documented, treated cases in order to be presented to the Tenure Committee.

This committee, made up of members of the Administrative Committee, will call upon other examiners selected from among the tenured members to judge the quality of the work and to ensure that the regulations regarding the presentation of the dossiers have been respected.

During the full period of preparation and training at the College, affiliated members will benefit from the support of their mentors.

The College is receptive to all techniques, the sole objective being the pursuit of professional excellence.

Once tenure has been granted, the recipient becomes a full member of the College, and will participate in the elaboration of objectives of the College by voting in the General Assembly. The tenured member can run for election to the Administrative Committee.

Registration for candidature to become a tenured member must be submitted a minimum of three months before the spring congress. Candidatures must be addressed to Léna RUTHSTROM-WICKBERG by e-mail wickbergs@wanadoo.frConfirmation will be sent upon reception.

All of the members of the Affiliation and Tenure Committee are available to provide information to candidates as required. Do not hesitate to solicit the advice of any member of the C.E.O in order to obtain supplementary information. All active members of the College will do their best to assist you.

An example of a case presentation (PowerPoint and Keynote) is available upon demand.
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