How to join - Students

Dear Applicant,
The European College of Orthodontics is happy to welcome you as a Student Member. The annual yearly membership fee for students is € 190.
In accordance with our bylaws, this student rate entitles you to the four quarterly editions of International Orthodontics and the right to participate in our meetings, as well as a reduced fee for our Spring congress and our Autumn meeting.
Member status as a student is extended under the same terms to members for the two years subsequent to obtaining CECSMO certification or an equivalent degree. After you have been certified, we hope that you will apply to the Membership Commission  for affiliation and subsequently become a permanent member of the College.
In order to keep our files updated, I would be grateful if you could state your CECSMO or equivalent degree program year for the current university year.
Allow me to personally extend the most cordial greetings on behalf of the entire Board of the College.

Contact :


Responsable de la commission scientifique du CEO

Contact :


Adhérer au CEO en tant qu'étudiant en cliquant ici

  Download the student membership application (pdf)


How to join - Associate Members

Any specialist in a discipline other than orthodontics, to include maxillofacial surgery, periodontology, oral surgery and implant dentistry, gnathology, etc., whose professional activities can contribute to the objectives of the Society, may submit an application for consideration as an associate member.

The following procedure must be followed to become an associate member:

  • Prepare a written request for admission addressed to the Chairman or the Secretary General and submit it with a detailed Curriculum Vitae
  • Be introduced to the Society through a sponsor, founding member or a permanent member. Sponsoring for the status of associate member must relate to an applicant whose field is connected or complementary to the field of Orthodontics or Dental-Facial Orthopedics
  • Make a presentation at the Spring CEO congress

 At present, the Society has 20 associated members.


How to join - Affiliated Members


  • andrine FAVOT-LEONARD 
  • Camille MELKI
  • Germain BECKER

You have decided to adhere to the European College of Orthodontics (CEO). We thank you for your interest.
The College is devoid of either sectarian or dogmatic principles and accepts all qualified orthodontic specialists as members who have satisfied two criteria: affiliation and attainment of permanent membership.
In order to get to know you and to ensure that you have made the proper choice, we hold a meeting that we call the affiliation commission at each Spring congress.
The Commission initiates a discussion with you based on three cases in diagnosis presented according to very precise criteria.
To prepare for this commission, we suggest that you request the help of a sponsor who is a permanent CEO member, as per the bylaws of the College.
This commission is neither an examination, nor a test, it is solely a useful and appropriate basis upon which to initiate a constructive dialogue with you.
The objective of this exchange, apart from its friendly and fraternal welcoming character, is to get to know each other better and to encourage you to actively participate in pursuits of the College.

Why seek affiliation?

  •  Affiliation is the means of adhering to this scientific society, the European College of Orthodontics. The yearly membership fee is € 340.
  •  Affiliation entitles members to participate in the Spring meetings.
  • Affiliation also entitles members to the CEO review International Orthodontics
  •  Affiliation is required to become a permanent member.
  • Who may seek affiliation?
  •  CEO is a group of clinicians trained in the Edgewise method. Admission requires a number of prerequisites. New members must have followed a university or private training course in the Edgewise technique. TO BE REVIEWED
  •  There are two exceptions:
    • Students preparing for CECSMO certification. These are considered student members for the duration of their studies and the two years following certification. They become affiliated members upon presentation of three diagnostic cases, which may be cases they were involved with during their studies.
    • Practitioners with a specialization complementary to orthodontics, such as Periodontology, surgery, Gnathology, etc., who become associated members through application to the commission and approval by the College.

How to obtain affiliation?

Contact a permanent member of the European College of Orthodontics with a view to this member sponsoring your membership.

  Download the application form (pdf format)

The case file

  •  This consists of the presentation of three cases prior to treatment from the perspectives of clinical, radiological and cephalometric examination, treatment objectives, treatment plan and orthodontic devices.
  •  Each case file is supervised and commented by your sponsor while still active.
  •  The case files are submitted for evaluation by members of the affiliation commission at the Spring meeting and are assessed and graded for approval.

Affiliation period: Minimum of 2 years, Maximum of 7 years

CEO wishes to remain a dynamic organization. Its affiliated members must demonstrate that they practice high quality orthodontics. Thus an affiliated member is required to present files concerning five treated cases, to include documentation before treatment, documentation after treatment and documentation at least one year following the end of treatment within a maximum of 7 years after the member's affiliation date, otherwise the membership will be cancelled.

When should a person become affiliated?

The Affiliation Commission sits only during the Spring meeting of the European College of Orthodontics.

Permanent membership

Once this phase is completed, you have up to seven years to prepare and submit five fully documented treated cases for all members’ evaluation in order to apply as a permanent member before the  Commission.

This commission is made up of members of the Board, which consults other permanent members who review the cases as examiners to evaluate the quality of your work and how well you have adhered to the case file presentation rules.

During the entire period of preparation and learning about the College’s activities, you benefit from the active and attentive support of your sponsor. This person not only provides technical and material assistance but is your best guide for assimilating our philosophy to the greatest extent possible, which is based on respect for patients and their interest and excellent technical knowledge and efficiency, and to acquire the family feeling that characterizes our society.

The College is open to all kinds of techniques, as its only objective is the pursuit of excellence.

Once you have achieved the tenure phase, you become a full permanent member of the College and as such you participate in establishing objectives and in the Colleges activities, by voting at general meetings and being a candidate for the Board of Directors.

Registration of applications must be done at least three months prior to the next Spring congress by sending a short CV with accurate professional contact information, i.e. a postal address with zip code, Telephone and Fax numbers and an e-mail address, together with the name of your sponsor to Léna Ruthstrom-Wickberg by e-mail at She will then send you an explanatory CDRom.

Don’t hesitate to ask CEO members that you may know to provide additional information. The active members of the College will do all they can to assist you.