Happy new year!

Wednesday, January 04

François Darqué

As we welcome the new year, we extend our best wishes to our members and their families for 2017.

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the CEO. Some key dates that have led us to the present day: 1966, founding of the CEO by founding president Roger O Meyer; 1967, spring congress in Tours; and 1979, birth of the journal Edgewise, which took the name International Orthodontics in 2005.

At the age of 50, we often claim that we have nothing more to prove, and that we are clear in our vision. The CEO holds firm in its objective: to exchange professional insights and experiences, in a world in constant acceleration. We must not forget that reading and assimilation of new knowledge by the human mind continues to demand as much time and effort today as in the past, and that technology can merely facilitate, in certain cases, and to a limited extent, this assimilation. “Information does not equal knowledge.”

In an evolving specialty, the CEO plays the role of an educator, reinforcing continuing clinical education in a non-dogmatic manner. It is also necessary to mutualize the means of education and to reinforce the medicalization and pluridisciplinary nature of our specialty.

“Let us emphasize that the results of treatments by too many practitioners are inconclusive and pose an evident problem in regards to social security and public health.” This statement dates to March 1976, prefiguring the creation of the specialty in 1981. The conclusion to this statement continues to resonate today:  “...due to insufficient competence, which points to the need for a determined teaching effort and the creation of a professional body.”

The spring congress in Deauville presented by Carole, Valentine and Stéphane constitutes the focal point of the year 2017. The theme of this congress, Vertical Dimension, is fascinating, complex, and mired with grey areas. 2017 is also an election year which will see the renewal of the Bureau.

And let us not forget the CEO Day, which will take place on Saturday, March 18th with two speakers of the highest calibre.

We invite you to take the time to consult this information on the new CEO website, which has been modernized thanks to the efforts of Vice-Chairman Philippe Tarot. Thank you to all the presenters who have agreed to share their knowledge in the media library. It is a precious resource for clinical reflection and a compliment to International Orthodontics, emblem of the CEO.

Like every year, our college cooperated with the French Federation of Orthodontics (FFO) with the French Society of Lingual Orthodontics (SFOL), and, thanks to Martial RUIZ, participated in the meeting which has the objective of updating professional recommendations in orthodontics.

Best wishes to all.