2017 Congress in Deauville

Thursday, November 10




Deauville June 2-5, 2017

The Presidents




Valentine SEDENNES

We have the honour of presiding over the fiftieth anniversary congress in Deauville, with the support of Stéphane Barthélémi, who will be our scientific chair. The theme of this year’s congress, in which we will be discussing the Vertical Dimension, is a logical continuation of the Ajaccio congress.

We are making every effort to ensure an exceptional congress, both from a scientific perspective and for the enjoyment of our participants.

We will meet at the magnificent Hôtel Normandy, with the ensemble of conferences being held in the Casino.

We look forward to celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the CEO along with you!

Carole Boubli et Valentine Sedennes




Following the Transversal Dimension, which was the theme of the superb Ajaccio congress in 2016, the 2017 spring congress will be consecrated the Vertical Dimension, which is a daily preoccupation in our field, whether it be in excess or in default. Three days of conferences will be required as we endeavour to cover this fascinating subject.  Early treatment, the importance of oral facial functions and the re-education of the latter, as well as the mechanical subtleties of different orthodontic and orthopaedic techniques will be discussed. Technological and scientific developments such as the interest of bone anchors will also be addressed. Also presented will be the indispensable surgical component in the correction of vertical problems of certain cases, with the objective of obtaining a lasting, aesthetic result. The stability of cases of irregular vertical dimension  will also be addressed over a very long term. The tenured speakers of the CEO will be present to share their savoir-faire, but this will also be an occasion to discover new talent.

Le pre-congress will be presented by Renato Cocconi on the subject of the contribution of orthodontics to facial aesthetics. President of the scientific committee of the Angle Society of Europe, Renato is an esteemed international speaker with unparalleled knowledge in this field.

Stéphane Barthelemi
Scientific Chair, 2017 Congress